New construction project in mid Cornwall

Nick Posener has, for the last 12 months, been closely working with an existing client – PIN CM Ltd, a well respected London-based construction company, and acting as site Health & Safety Manager to the client who have been continuing to act as the Principal Contractor on this project, just a few minutes walk from Harrods in Knightsbridge.

Now, Nick is heavily involved in another, particularly demanding, construction project – again being managed by PIN CM Ltd as Principal Contractor at Bodmin Jail in central Cornwall, where the 250 year old jail is being converted into a luxury hotel, that is to include a new 3D ‘Dark Wall’ visitor attraction that will give persons a comprehensive experience of how the jail operated in the 17th and 18th Century.

In addition to regular visits over the next two and a half years leading up to the handover of the new hotel and attraction, Nick’s health, safety and environmental duties includes working with a resident archaeologist to sift through careful digging around the site to look for any special artefacts and most importantly, working with a bat ecologist to ensure the ongoing safety of 7 different resident species of Bats – including the most rare of bats resident in the UK, the Greater Horseshoe Bat.