We are once again focusing on providing comprehensive health, safety and environmental Power Point training workshops for any persons / groups that require proactive awareness to enable them to manage common hazards in the workplace.

Workshops include inviting candidates to participate in scenarios where they will be expected to think fast and yet act carefully to deal with potential issues they will often encounter in the workplace.

Our training workshops are typically half-day duration and include:

  • COSHH, including the effective choice and use of PPE
  • HOT WORKS, including effective fire and emergency management & control
  • WORK AT HEIGHT, including working below ground
  • MANUAL HANDLING, including lifting and slinging
  • PUWER and LOLER, including effective vibration management
  • WASTE MANAGEMENT, including air / ground pollution and bio-hazards

If you are interested in one or more of our training workshops, simply contact Val on 01580 891383 (office), 07985 644429 (mobile) or e-mail: